it's chill in the wind but it's warm in your arms;

you can kiss your sorry ass goodbye.

You are so fine & you are mine [Paola]
30 March
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My man is JONATHAN GROFF. Paola. 17. obsessive. future graphic designer. muse lover. photoshop addict. music junkie. (500) days of summer. star trek. spring awakening. disney. a very potter musical. new york. magazines. girls. boys. big bang theory. boyfriend. friends. honesty. naughty. facebook. nylon. rolling stone. glee. tiger. family. single. fuck off. freedom. safari. itunes. lastfm. tumblr. porn. twitter. tinypic. livejournal. musicals. grand theft auto. resident evil. the sims. alice in wonderland. vampire diaries. me & my dick.
Quinn to my Rachel
Cherie to my Joan
Bella to my Edward
Cassie to my Sid
Spencer to my Ashley
Dre to my Eminem

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