December 5th, 2008


I guess im just too bored!

Hello!, well Im kinda shocked, people actually like my icons! so between my happiness of finishing my first semester of HS, and all your responses, i made... 125 ICONS!. *panic!*
Yeah yeah, im a freaking Photoshop addict, but what can I say? I LOOOVE PS.

I want to ask you something guys, i want to do more icons, about different series, actors/es, so please! Be nice and i'll make icons about whatever you like!

PS: If you snag some, please credit imissculleni</lj>  if used :)
Comments are LOVE
Friending Would be fucking amazing :D
So here comes the Icon Party (?

Untitled-1.png image by imissculleni Untitled-2.png image by imissculleni Untitled-3.png image by imissculleni Untitled-4.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-5.png image by imissculleni Untitled-6.png image by imissculleni Untitled-7.png image by imissculleni Untitled-8.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-9.png image by imissculleni Untitled-10.png image by imissculleni Untitled-11.png image by imissculleni Untitled-12.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-13.png image by imissculleni Untitled-14.png image by imissculleni Untitled-15.png image by imissculleni Untitled-16.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-17.png image by imissculleni Untitled-18.png image by imissculleni Untitled-19.png image by imissculleni Untitled-20.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-21.png image by imissculleni Untitled-22.png image by imissculleni Untitled-23.png image by imissculleni Untitled-24.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-25.png image by imissculleni Untitled-26.png image by imissculleni Untitled-27.png image by imissculleni Untitled-28.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-29.png image by imissculleni Untitled-30.png image by imissculleni Untitled-31.png image by imissculleni Untitled-32.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-33.png image by imissculleni Untitled-34.png image by imissculleni Untitled-35.png image by imissculleni Untitled-36.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-37.png image by imissculleni Untitled-38.png image by imissculleni Untitled-40.png image by imissculleni Untitled-39.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-42.png image by imissculleni Untitled-43.png image by imissculleni Untitled-44.png image by imissculleni Untitled-45.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-46.png image by imissculleni Untitled-47.png image by imissculleni Untitled-48.png image by imissculleni Untitled-49.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-50.png image by imissculleni Untitled-51.png image by imissculleni Untitled-52.png image by imissculleni Untitled-53.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-54.png image by imissculleni Untitled-55.png image by imissculleni Untitled-56.png image by imissculleni Untitled-57.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-58.png image by imissculleni Untitled-59.png image by imissculleni Untitled-60.png image by imissculleni Untitled-61.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-62.png image by imissculleni Untitled-63.png image by imissculleni Untitled-64.png image by imissculleni Untitled-65.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-66.png image by imissculleni Untitled-67.png image by imissculleni Untitled-68.png image by imissculleni Untitled-69.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-70.png image by imissculleni Untitled-71.png image by imissculleni Untitled-72.png image by imissculleni Untitled-73.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-74.png image by imissculleni Untitled-75.png image by imissculleni Untitled-76.png image by imissculleni Untitled-77.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-78.png image by imissculleni Untitled-79.png image by imissculleni Untitled-80.png image by imissculleni Untitled-81.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-82.png image by imissculleni Untitled-83.png image by imissculleni Untitled-84.png image by imissculleni Untitled-85.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-86.png image by imissculleni Untitled-87.png image by imissculleni Untitled-88.png image by imissculleni Untitled-89.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-90.png image by imissculleni Untitled-91.png image by imissculleni Untitled-92.png image by imissculleni Untitled-93.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-94.png image by imissculleni Untitled-95.png image by imissculleni Untitled-96.png image by imissculleni Untitled-97.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-98.png image by imissculleni Untitled-99.png image by imissculleni Untitled-100.png image by imissculleni Untitled-101.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-102.png image by imissculleni Untitled-103.png image by imissculleni Untitled-104.png image by imissculleni Untitled-105.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-106.png image by imissculleni Untitled-107.png image by imissculleni Untitled-108.png image by imissculleni Untitled-109.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-110.png image by imissculleni Untitled-111.png image by imissculleni Untitled-112.png image by imissculleni Untitled-113.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-114.png image by imissculleni Untitled-115.png image by imissculleni Untitled-116.png image by imissculleni Untitled-117.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-118.png image by imissculleni Untitled-119.png image by imissculleni Untitled-120.png image by imissculleni Untitled-121.png image by imissculleni 
Untitled-122.png image by imissculleni Untitled-123.png image by imissculleni Untitled-124.png image by imissculleni Untitled-125.png image by imissculleni